About the Facilitator

headshotHi. My name is Aimee.

I’ve gotten to a point in my journey when I’m not sure I like titles. They seem so limiting, and we’re all evolving beings. But we do have to have a way to talk about ourselves, share with others who we are, and offer some insight into what our experiences have been. And it’s hard to manage that succinctly without defining ourselves in some ways. So here it is:

I’ve identified myself as the “wounded healer” for most of my life, having struggled through a very difficult childhood and young adult life. I am a survivor of sexual abuse, childhood domestic violence, was an only child, and a latchkey kid too. I went through several divorces between both my mother and father, and spent years grieving parental loss and abandonment. Suicide runs in my family. I also survived an abusive marriage, marrying when I was 15 years old. That lasted 9 years. I was a teen mom, and my youngest child, who is 20 now, has autism and suffers with tonic-clonic type psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. Cancer also runs in my family. At age 30 I was diagnosed with stage IIIc inflammatory breast cancer, and by 33 it had metastasized. It was then that I quit my full-time social work job to focus on cancer treatment. I am still in treatment.

I’ve used the time afforded me to focus on healing in ways I hadn’t before, at all levels and in all domains. Over the past few years I’ve had to let go of a lot of my beliefs and ideas of myself. I’d say I’ve been on quite the hero’s journey.

I was led to SoulCollage® through my cancer center and found it tremendously healing. It was an obvious step to become a facilitator. I have consistently used SoulCollage® as a vehicle for expressing the nebulous and complex aspects of myself and my journey through the archetypal imagery. One of my favorite aspects of SoulCollage® is the community. It is a powerful, affirming, and transformative experience to have the reflection of a room full of SoulCollagers® all sharing their wisdom and treasures of the soul through the cards they have created. As a facilitator my goal is to provide a sacred, heart-centered space where we can safely explore the depths of ourselves in a creative and non-judgmental way, while honoring one another for the Divine and numinous journey of the soul we are each on. I welcome you into the tribe……


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